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In order to serve the request and needs of Vietnam fellows currently living in the United States and Canada, Dong Nam A Telecommunications Inc. is pleased to introduce to valued customers a new program: Prepaid Pinless - this is a program allowing prepaid telephone calls from USA and Canada to Vietnam without PIN, at the lowest price and the highest quality, simple and easy use.

To use this program, please register with us via toll-free number: (855)7NAMLOC i.e. (855)762.6562. Our staffs will complete all the procedures and give clear instructions so that you can call Vietnam or any countries from any devices.


  • The best price, the best quality, per-call charge
  • No need to bring a phone card, no need to press PIN
  • No hidden charges
  • No monthly bills, no need to change the telephone company
  • Customers can recharge accounts at any time
  • Can use any kind of phone you you want (landline or mobile)
  • Provide a full receipts and all necessary documents along with guidance for customers when guaranteeing their relatives in Vietnam in accordance with standards of the United States Immigration Services
You are respectfully invited to register the Pinless Prepaid program with our customer service staff via toll-free: (855)7NAMLOC i.e. (855)762.6562

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