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Make a phone call
  Option 1: Normal dial
 Step 1: Call access number
  -  Call to a local access or toll free number at your city.
  -  The system will announce the balance of your PIN-less account.
 Step 2: Press number you want to call
  -  If you call international fixed phone numbers
    Press country code, province code / city and phone number, and #
  -  If you call international mobile phones
    Press country code, mobile phone number, and #
  -  Call to USA / Canada:
    Press 1, then destination phone number and #
  -  Call to Vietnam, you can press local number without country code

Note: Do not press 011. Do not press TALK, OK or SEND button.

  For example: Calling from Westminster to the telephone number 3123 4567 in Saigon, Vietnam.
   Step 1: Call to access number in Westminster, listen to balance of your PIN-less account
   Step 2: Press phone number in Vietnam: 84831234567# or 0831234567#
  In which: 84 is country code of Vietnam;
                8 is area code of Saigon
Option 2: Quick-dial

A quick-dial number is a digit to remember the phone number you frequently call. After setting quick-dial, you just press quick-dial digit instead of the full number.

For example, you frequently call to 8483123 4567 in Saigon, Vietnam. You can set the quick dial digit 1 for this number. Then, when making call, you just call to DID the press 1# to call
8483123 4567.

Option 3: Direct-dial (one-stage dial)
 Just dial a direct-dial number.

A direct-dial number is a DID number issued by DongNamA Global Telecom. A direct-dial number allow you to call your partner directly by calling the assigned number.

For example, if you set 714-222333 = 84918222333. Then later, when you want to call you 84918222333, you just call 714-222333. Please ask our customer care to set your direct-call number or your can do it by login into our web.

Manage your PIN-less account
  Step 1: Login your PIN-less at the top of homepage
  Step 2: Choose the action necessary, including the following:
   -  Add or Remove phone number sharing your PIN-less account
  -  Recharge your PIN-less account
  -  Set up or Delete quick-dial numbers
  -  Set up or Delete ridect-dial numbers

Note: Calling via toll free, the price will be added 1cent/min

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