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How use Phone Card

Step 1: Dial access number
   -  Call to a local access number or toll free number at your city.
   -  The system will ask you to enter PIN
  Step 2: Press PIN number on your card
   -  The system will announce the balance of your card
  Step 3: Enter the phone number you want to call
   -   If you call international fixed phone numbers:
    Press country code, province code / city and phone number, and #
   -   If you call international mobile phones:
    Press country code, mobile phone number, and #
   -  Call to USA / Canada:
    Press 1, then destination phone number and #
  - Call to Vietnam, you can press local number without country code

Note: Do not press 011. Do not press TALK, OK or SEND button.

  For example: From Westminster, call 3910 1039 in Saigon, Vietnam.
   Step 1: Call to access number in Westminster
   Step 2: Press the PIN on the card
   Step 3: Press phone number in Vietnam: 84839101039 or 0839101039 #
    In which:
      84 is country code of Vietnam;
      8 is area code of Saigon

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